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Muster Rolls

Company B - The Fannin Guards
(Originally Co. B, 4th GA Battalion)

Officers and NCOs at Organization

Jones, Walter Burrus - Captain July 17, 1861.  Elected Major August 17, 1863.  Wounded at the
		Wilderness, Virginia May 5th 1864.  Colonel commanding the 60th and 61st
		Regiments Georgia Infantry at Appomattox, Virginia April 9th, 1865.

McGee, John Wesley - 1st Lieutenant July 17, 1861. Wounded at Bristoe Station, Virginia August 26th, 1862; Fredericksburg, Virginia December 13th 1862; Winchester, Virginia June 14th 1863. Elected Captain August 17, 1863. Resigned December 28th, 1863.
Burks, Christopher Dawson - 2nd Lieutenant July 17, 1861. Elected 1st Lieutenant August 17, 1863 Captain December 28, 1863. Killed at Petersburg, Virginia.
Wood, George W. - Jr 2nd Lieutenant (3rd Lt.) July 17, 1861. Wounded at Sharpsburg, Maryland September 17, 1862. Died of wounds.
Fuller, John C. - 1st Segeant July 17, 1861. Wounded, date and place not given. Elected 2nd Lieutenant September 10, 1863; 1st Lieutenant December 28, 1863. Surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia April 9, 1865.
Fuller, George W. - 2nd Sergeant July 17, 1861. Left arm amputated. Died at Mount Jackson, Virginia November 22, 1862.
Hardy, J. Thomas - 3rd Sergeant July 17, 1861. Appointed 2nd Sergeant December 1, 1862; 1st Sergeant August 17 or September 10, 1863. Killed at Petersburg, Virginia.
Gates, Benjamin M. - 4th Sergeant July 17, 1861. Apointed 3rd Sergeant December 28, 1862; 2nd Sergeant August 17, 1863. Captured in 1864. Exchanged. Surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia April 9th 1865.
Neal, Thomas O. - 5th Sergeant July 17, 1861. Discharged, disability, December 28, 1861.
Ransom, John J. - 1st Corporal July 17, 1861. Transferred to Cavalry in 1861.
Satterwhite, Stephen H. - 2nd Corporal July 14, 1861. Reduced to ranks April 1862.
Gates, Benjamin H. H. - 3rd Corporal July 17, 1861. Discharged, disabled, December 23, 1861.
Bailey, Charles J. - 4th Corporal July 17, 1861. Discharged February 2, 1862.
Donald, John - Drummer July 17,1861.
Privates at Organization (individual details will be added soon)
Adams, E. S.
Adams, James J. 
Adams Joseph T.
Adams, William Augustus
Adams, Wiliam F.
Allen, Henry Clay - appointed 4th Corporal August 1863
Bailey, Hinton Croft
Baker, Alexander Troup
Beeland, LeRoy N. (or Borland) 
Belt, John W.
Boone, James Porter
Boone, Jesse T.
Bowles, Perminis B. (Bud)
Bowles, T. B. (Tip)
Brantley, John William
Brantley, Robert R.
Brewer, Alfred (Muck)
Brewer, Hilliard
Brewer, Nathan H.
Butts, William J.
Cambell, John B.
Caudle, D.P. ( Dick) - appointed 4th Corporal January 1862; 3rd Corporal April 1862
Caudle, Robert F. 
Caudle, Thomas A. - Elected 2nd Lieutenant December 28, 1863
Cleveland, E. P. (or Cleaveland)
Cleveland, Johm O. (or Cleaveland, J. C.)
Cleveland, Joseph H. (or Cleaveland) - appointed 4th Corp. April 1862: 3rd Corp. December 1862;
		2nd Corp. August 1863; 1st Corp. Date not given
Consent, T.J.
Cousar, William
Cox, C. Barney
Cox, William C.
Davis, William H.
Dennis, H. S. (Dock)
Duffie, J. J.
Duke, John Allen
Duke, Noah W.
Duke, William Benjamin
Durham, William Henry - appointed 4th Corporal February 1863
Fergurson, Robert Hill
Fergurson, Wilkes (Wash)
Floyd, Henry Drew
Floyd, James D. (or B.)
Floyd, Thomas Penuel
Forester, Richard R. S.
Frey, J. D. 
Fuller, Andrew Jackson (Pony)- Private May 6, 1862.  Surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865
                               Born in Troup County, Ga. in 1840. Died there Feb. 25, 1932.
Fuller, Crofford (or Crawford)
Fuller, Greene - appointed 5th Sergeant February 1, 1863; 4th Sergeant August 1863; 3rd Sergeant
		October 19, 1864

Fuller, James D.
Gates, Hull
Gilbert, William F.  - appointed 1st Lieutenant April 28, 1864
Glanton, William E. 
Glaze, George
Gore, J. Frank
Gorham, Henry H.
Gorham, William
Gray, Jacob
Green Charles H. (or Greer, Charlton H.)
Green, Tip (or Greer)
Griggs, Andrew Jackson
Hale, John
Hale, William C.
Hall, Peasant B.
Hardy, James Calvin
Hardy, James D.
Hardy, John Richard
Hardy, William F.
Hardy William L.
Herndon Jesse H. (or Hearne)
Hicks, Amos E.
Hicks, Simeon (or Simon)
Hill, Aaron O. (or B.)
Hunter, James David
Hunter, William A.
Ingram, William T. (or C.)
Johns, William C. - appointed Sergeant August 1863
Johnson, James S.
Johnson, Thomas L.
Jones, Brooks
Jones, George
Jones, J. M.
Jones, Tamlin G. - appointed 3rd Corporal January 1862; 2nd Corporal April 1862; 5th Sergeant
		August 1863
Jones, W. H. C.
Jones, William
Mallory, Jasper N.
Mallory, John D.
Mallory, William J.
March, Johm
March, Thomas T.
McAllister, A. P. (Pink)
McCauley, N.S.
McCauley, William P.
McCurry, John T.
McCutcheon, C.
McCutcheon, T. P.
McDonald, Tobert T.
McFarlin, R. S.
McGhee, Mack
McGee, Thomas W.
McGee, W. M., Jr.
McGee, W.M.,  Sr.
McKey, William M. (or McKee)
McKinley, William P.
Mervin, A. F.
Middlebrooks, Wiley Jefferson - appointed 4th Corporal
Mobley, Leonard D. A.
Mobley, Washington P.
Moore,William A. (Guinea)
Neal, Nathan Hoyt ( or Neil)
Oliver, Joseph H. 
Oliver, Thomas J. (or W. J. T.)
O’Neal, Augustus
O’Neal, James R.
O’Neal, Rance (or Ransome)
O’Neal, William H.C. (Jack)
Piper, James H.
Ransome, Irwin B.
Rogers, James Seaborne
Rogers, William
Rutledge, William
Samples, John T.
Simmons, Asa F.
Simmons, Frank M.
Sivell, John
Sivell, S. Samuel
Smith, Jack Duffie
Smith, James Marion
Smith, John N. (Jack)
Smith, J. A.
Smith, J. J. - appointed Sergeant February 1864
Smith, J. W. (or N.)
Smith, Willis M.
Smith, Zachariah
Spears, (or Sears)
Strong, William
Sturdivant, Jubal Jackson
Talley, Button (or Tally)
Talley, Leon F. (or Tally)
Thompson, William
Thrash, George W.
Traylor, William O.
Varner, William
Wade, Henry C.
Warner, James H.
Watts, Elihu
Watts, John
Watts, Levy E.
Watts, Robert
White, Antonio (Toney)
White, Augustus
White, C. (Tip)
White, Elijah B. H.
White, George Auigugrus
White, James W.
White, John T.
White, Milledge W.
White, R. A
White, Simeon (or Simon)
White, William
White, William M.
Williams, D. F.
Williams, Frank
Williams, Henry W. - appointed Assistant Surgeon and assigned to the 5th North Carolina 1863
Williams, J. W.
Williams, William
Wills, William D.
Wilson, Thomas F.
Wise, Walton (or Walter) J. - appointed 4th Corporal January 14, 1864
Wright, Columbus G. - appointed 5th Sergeant January 1862; 4th Sergeant December 1862; 3rd
		Sergeant August 1863
Wyche, Thomas Jefferson
Yancy, W. Layton