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Our Current Special Focus is on:
Black Confederates

Marlboro Camp - 40th Georgia Infantry, Army of Tennessee "On Black Confederates" from the 34th Texas Cavalry webpage

"Blacks who fought for the South" Article by Walter Williams

Black Confederate Heritage by the Sons of Confederate Veterans

"Forgotten Soldiers of the Confederacy" by Kim A. O'Connell

The Confederate Private Website-'Black Confederate Soldiers'

Forgotten Confederates, An Anthology on Black Southerners

Black Confederates and Afro-yankees in Civil War Virginia

Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary
Did you know that the first War Memorial honoring the service of black soldiers was the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetary? This monument was designed in 1914 by a jewish Confederate veteran named Moses Ezekial. A section of the monument depicts a black Confederate soldier marching with white Confederates. Ezekial, a veteran himself, knew as well as anyone the racial makeup of the army he served in. The participation of Southern Blacks can only be denied by the ignorant, the misled, and the propagandist. (By the way, blacks in the Confederate Army received the same pay as whites, unlike their Federal counterparts whose leaders deemed the Black man's contribution less worthy and paid him accordingly.)

A testament to Southern Black Patriotism: In march of 1865 the State of Virginia issued a request for 300,000 black soldiers. Eighty three per cent of the male slave population in Richmond volunteered for duty. This was at the war's end with almost certain 'emancipation' on the way. Eighty three per cent. Slaves fought to establish the Original Principles in the first American Revolution, they fought to preserve them in the second.

Celebrate Your Southern Heritage!

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